Becky and Brian Real Wedding - Holiday Inn Southend

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If you could write one sweet sentence about your relationship what would it be?

Bride : “Fairytales do come true”

Groom : “It’s like something from a movie”

Wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony
If you could write one sentence about your whole wedding what would it be?

Bride : “I wish I could relive the day again and again”

Groom : “Was one of the best days of my life”

Tell us about the proposal?

“The bride was an Ann summers rep and was doing a live on Facebook ( I knew I was going to propose just didn’t know when ) as she turned around I was down on one knee with the ring in hand the live went absolutely crazy I don’t know why but it just felt the right time to do it and looking back i wouldn’t change it because it’s something we laugh about often”

What were your first steps in planning a wedding?

“First we chose our team bride and team groom then the date , our venue and we booked the registrar”

What made you choose Holiday Inn Southend?

Bride : “It was really cost efficient and I loved the staircase and balcony”

Groom : “I thought the twilight package was really good for money plus my wife loved it”

Wedding photos
Wedding photos
Where did you get all wedding inspiration/ideas from?

Bride : “I have been planning my big day since I was a little girl so instantly knew the things I would like”

Groom : “My wife” 😂

How did you organise and manage your wedding budget?

“We got quotes for the things we wanted and needed for the wedding, paying a deposit down on the most important things first, then we worked out a total cost divided it against our monthly income and over the period of time we had until our chosen date and then we paid that amount each month until everything was paid for.”

What was your biggest splurge and save?

“Our biggest splurge was our venue, and our biggest save was our daughter’s bridesmaid dress which we found brand new on eBay and won it for 99p”

Where made your choose your wedding package?

“One of our biggest reasons we chose the package we did was because we have children with additional needs and also it suited us best financially.”

Tell us about your first dance?

“We chose a collaboration by caleb and Kelsey – from this moment / your still the one we found the lyrics very fitting for our story we didn’t plan anything we just went with what happened on the night and it couldn’t have turned out better for us.”

First Dance

What was the favourite part of your day?

Bride : “Letting our friends and family Witness us celebrating our love for each other.”

Groom : “Seeing my wife she looked sensational”

What would be your top tips?

“Plan a wedding that’s sentimental to you and your husband not anyone else.”

“Set a budget as it’s really easy to go overboard and get things you don’t really need.”

“Try and do everything in one place makes planning easier.”

“Make a list and keep a note of when everything needs to be paid in full by.”

“Enjoy your day it goes by in a blink of an eye.”

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