Ben and Geraldine Real Wedding - Holiday Inn Southend

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If you could write one sweet sentence about your relationship what would it be?

 “Very loving and family orientated.” 

If you could write one sentence about your whole wedding what would it be?

 “Absolutely amazing, the most perfect day!”

Tell us about the proposal?

“The proposal was carried out a very short notice! An impromptu trip to Center Parcs, a custom banner so I didn’t need to ask then down on one knee with the support of our 4 year old son I had a fiance. Having never been to Center Parcs before I didn’t realise we had to park the car after unloading at the lodge. I couldn’t hide a ring and banner in the lodge so the proposal was on the first day which made our holiday even more special.”

Ben and Geraldine

Tell us your first steps in planning a wedding?

“A trip to a few local venues including a very good wedding fair at the Holiday Inn we chose a venue and got planning from there. 

Also buy a wedding planner/book. Sounds daft but set out within the planner is lots of lists and lots of advice/reminders of what to include on your big day.” 

What made you choose Holiday Inn Southend?

“It stuck out as a clean, modern venue with huge potential to decorate to your heart’s content. It offered good size rooms with ample facilities for guests to stay including a night before for the bridal party which was fantastic. 

It also offered good value for money.” 

Wedding breakfast

Where did you get all wedding inspiration/ideas from?

 “Geraldine spent numerous hours on social media platforms/groups.

 Pinterest is brilliant too. 

Previous friends weddings and the Holiday Inn wedding fairs leading up to the big day. I think we attended about 4 different fairs at the Holiday Inn.”

How did you organise and manage your wedding budget?

“Badly! Genuine advice is to be realistic in terms of costs inline with your expectations.  Also as time goes on you add more and more to the big day so be prepared to add more to your budget as you go along.”

Explain your biggest splurge and save?

“Biggest splurge – asides from the general venue costs it would be the wedding dress and bridal party outfits including hair and makeup.  Hair and make alone tipped the thousand pound mark!”

Bridal Party

“Biggest save – the biggest save had to be the cake. Fortunately a good friend of ours is also and keen baker.

Having a  friend make our cake and cupcakes resulted in saving a few pounds.” 

Why did you choose your wedding package?

“Value for money and the quality you get. 

It also suited our guest numbers perfectly.”  

 Where did you have your ceremony, what was special about it?

“The Ceremony was held in the Laker Suite at the Holiday Inn and the most special part of the Ceremony is that it is shared with your nearest and dearest friends and family. Love truly can be felt in the air.” 

Tell us about your first dance?

“You mean waddle? I am by know means least a dancer in comparison to Geraldine. If your uncomfortable invite your guests on to the dancefloor at the earliest opportunity and like magic it’s all finished.”

Give us your top tips?

“Plan together as a couple, both Geraldine and I were hugely invested in the big day which made it so special when it all come together. 

Budget accordingly. “

“Enjoy the day! Soak in the atmosphere as the day/night goes so fast and before you know it it’s all over.”

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